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Yale-New  Haven Hospital

Celebrating Employees

YNHH Thanks Employees

  • YNHH Thanks Employees
  • YNHH Thanks Employees
  • YNHH Thanks Employees

Employee birthdays

Three times each month, hospital President Richard D'Aquila, and other hospital leaders host group birthday parties in the hospital's cafeteria to celebrate the employees who have birthdays in that month.

New Employee Meetings

Ninety days after they’ve been hired, new employees are invited to sit down with the hospital president and COO to discuss their initial impressions of the hospital, offer their views on what the hospital is doing right…where it can improve…and what would make their transition to the hospital easier.

Off-Shift Receptions

Richard D'Aquila, YNHH President and COO, meets regularly with the hospital's off-shift employees, who because of their work schedules, are often unable to benefit from face-to-face communication with leadership and receive tangible recognition for their contributions to the hospital.